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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by bohiaa, Mar 30, 2007.

  1. bohiaa

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    Hello everyone.

    I'm not new to cuttong grass BUT i am new to ZTR's and was wondering if a few of you would give your oppenion about them, I will be in a hot climate TEXAS....

  2. justanotherlawnguy

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    That is a dumb question? Look at every other LCO trailer that drives by you during the day, what kind of mower is in the back? Probably a Z.

    There is a reason that everybody uses them and its not because they are cool looking. Its because they make you money!!!!!
  3. supercuts

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  4. bohiaa

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    I guess I worded that wrong..

    what I ment was what brand?

    I dont have a exmark dealer near me. and I was looking at a toro?
  5. CoreyD

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  6. Poncho25

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    yeah bro, whats up with this statment? I mean, the guy is just asking a question hence its not a stupid one if he is unsure of what to get. This is the 2nd post I have seen you with starting your statment that its dumb or any other insulting comments. Are you that caught up in your own BS that you feel the need to try to make yourself feel better by down talkin others? Get real man, I had more respect for you when we spoke a while back then that..and to think I would use you to Sub out any Palm work my clients need. (I don't do ladders and power equipt.). Not with what I have seen how you treat people man!

    I got a 44 Z master Toro and love it. It's a great cut and good piece of equipt. and if your not set up to do alot of the maintence work yourself, you def want a dealer that's close by, and one that deals with commercial companys. Find out turn around times for basic stuff from them that you can't do (Oil changes, blades, greese, belts, etc.) also find out if they give you a loner if you bring your equipt in for work and its going to take longer then you can afford, meaning you need it to work! :)
  7. CoreyD

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    if you want a cheap way to get a ZTR mower.... i dunno how the auctions are where you are but here they are awesome.... i got a Cub Cadet 48" cut with 80 hours on it for $1800.... and they also sell 12 ft, 14 ft and even some 18 ft trailers for no more than $500 here .... im just starting out so i was just looking for the cheapest equiptment i could find for now..... i dunno how good a brand Cub Cadet is or not.... but ive been told its a very good brand
  8. Gmgbo

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    I dont run z's. I used to have a 54in lesco rider until i realized it wasnt saving me any time. My customers also like the walkbehinds better. If you have the money and enough work, go for it.
  9. justanotherlawnguy

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  10. justanotherlawnguy

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    Oh well, thats your loss, and if you think I talk to my customers the same way I talk to guys on here then you have bigger issues as well. I wasn't sitting by the phone waiting for your palm tree trimming requests to come thru anyway. You live over by Waters and Hanley anyway so I am sure you can find some scrub over there to do it for you.

    ladders and power equipt = more money then mowing lawns. thats why i am glad most lawn guys are scarred to do it....

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