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Discussion in 'Homeowner Assistance Forum' started by jceh1, Apr 25, 2005.

  1. jceh1

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    Hi. I am looking for a ZTR for my property. Have about an acre oif fairly level land, with lots of plantings and trees. The ZTR will replace a well worn John Deere 111 which I have had since new (believe it or not). Didn't plan on spending as much as I am, which I realize is not that much for these type of mowers. I want to hold the line at about $3,000. I have looked at the Toro TimeCutter Z with a 16 HP B&S engine (feel that I have to have a pressure oil system w/filter since I will have the mower a while). I liked teh dampened levers with auto parking break engagement, but I then looked at the cub cadet at Lowes. It is much larger and seems surprising heavy in its build. The model I was looking at was the RZT 50 which has a twin cylinder B&S at 22 HP, yet I can get it for the same or less than the Toro.
    I also planned to look as the Husqvarna as I haven't yet seen one. There is also a New Holland Dealer in my area, but I have no idea how much they go for. I realize that there are probably alot of better ones around, but I am really limited to around $3,000 for this purchase.
    There is really no information on the net about the spindles, etc. for the homeowner mowers, and I was also curious as to whether any of these let you stop to remove obstacles w/o shutting off the machine (my old dear would let you do this if it was in neutral and the PTO was off so blades weren't turning).
    I would appreciate thoughts and recommendations of the members on which ZTR would be best in my price range.
  2. Pittsburgh Panther

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    If your lawn is level and not much more than 1 acre it will work. One thing you should realize is with ZTR you can't pull hardly anything. It is just made for cutting grass. CSR rated the Cub Cadet the 2nd best consumer ztr, Toro was down the list.

    I no longer own it because my lawn was to big and had to much in the way of slopes. I bought the Exmark CT. It's a great mower but it is about twice what you would want to spend but it will probably be the last mower you ever have to purchase.
  3. grass_cuttin_fool

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    I know this isnt what you asked, but would a walkbehind and a velke work? you could get a more commercial mower and stay in the budget and last a long time on your lot
  4. Advance The Man

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    I started here about 2 months ago and had the same two ztr's in mind and ended up with a Hustler. They may be what's right for you, but several things swayed me. Once I realized the cub was made by MTD and both could not have the PTO engaged while going backwards, it was a deal kill. Search my handle for my metamorphose of choosing a ZTR. I don't know if you ever justify paying a lot more, and if you do stick with that $3,000 range, I would stick with the ZTR. If your gonna buy a tractor from Lowes or HD, it might as well be a ZTR, it just makes it so much faster.
  5. EC-Rider

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    Get the Hustler, I did it will be perfect for you! :angel:

    The body frame and quality of cut is commercial grade, the engine and the hydros will be more than enough for the average homeowner use when properly serviced and maintained. payup

    Hope that helps! ;)

    ItÂ’s all good! Enjoy! Peace! :angel:


    EC-Rider :waving::
  6. jceh1

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    I am going to look at the Hustler anyway. I see they have some promotions and financing. What I really like is the foot lever for height adjustment.
    The horsepower is less than the Cub and it is a single cylinder engine, but otherwise looks like a better machine.What power options have those using a hustler bought? Is a twin cylinder worth the extra money?
  7. Brandon327

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    I recently purchased the cub cadet ztr 50. I love it. it cut my mowing time in half. And if you know much about mowers at all you can fix it where it does not cut off in reverse.
  8. jceh1

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    You are the first person I have heard from who actually has bought a ztr 50. How long have you had it? How big of a lawn do you have? If it is in neutral with the brake on & blades off can you get off to move obstacles? Did you look at any other machines? Seems like there isn't anything else in this price range with this much power and a twin cylinder.
  9. Brandon327

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    I have had the mower about a month and have cut my yard twice and my grandpaws yard twice. I think my yard is about an acres and i cut it in about 30 minutes and his is about 1-1.5 acres with lots of trees and shrubs and i cut it in a hour. You can get off with the mower running as long as you put the parking brake on. Mine did cut off when both levers went to reverse but i jumped with switches so it doesn't anymore. I looked at ever mower that you can think of from homeowner to commercial. The problem was that most ztr are priced from $5500 and up. I looked at the toro timecutter but i did not feel that i was getting as much mower for the money. The husky at lowes looked a little weak to me. The deck was not as big. I ended up getting my cub cadet at lowes b/c they had the best price. The only thing that i want to change is the rear tires. I want the tractor type tread b/c my grandpaws house has a large hill in the front and with the slick tires the mower as a tendency to slide downhill.
  10. jceh1

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    Brandon327 - Thanks for the info. That is basically where I am coming from. I am willing to look at some somewhat more expensive machines so I know what is out there, but most of the other machines being recommended seem to be over $4,000, which is a big difference. I am jumping from a tractor (my wife thinks we should just get a new tractor which would be alot less money) to the ZTR. I can't stop considering the 50 inch cut, and the 22 HP twin cylinder. That seems like a big plus that the others don't have unless you spend alot more money. I have heard many mention don't get a Cub, but aside from it not cutting in reverse, no one has mentioned anything specific. Do you know what the warranty is on the spindles?

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