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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by scannon, Mar 19, 2004.

  1. scannon

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    We are still anxiously awaiting the big ZTR comparison test, or re-test that was posted last month I think that all the big players in the industry ought to jump on this, and bring in there products to test. This is a fairly unbiased test, one without all the company propaganda. I wish all the big players, and newbies would bring in there equipment to test. Heck, do one with blowers,trimers, and WB's.
  2. Richard Martin

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    How would the test be unbiased? Are you going to drag the mowers all over the country through all of the seasons for a whole year? A mower that cuts centipede great might be terrible at tall fescue. Or one that cut heavy spring growth well might not be so good at fall growths.

    The best that you can do would be durability tests. Even they can be different from area to area. One area might have high sand content in the soil making the blades wear out faster. Even things like gasoline blends can affect longevity of engines.

    The best you can do is stick to a name brand that you know and trust. 99% of the people on this website know which mowers to avoid.
  3. scannon

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    Richard. Last month there was a thread where the LLOc's put about 6 mowers through the paces. The only problem was there was no new grass to cut. They said they were going to do another test when they had some new grass to test on. It was not my idea. The thread was interesting. Alot of people liked the thread. I was just pumping the guy to do the test again. It was very informative from there point of view. What about you? What kind of mower do you like? What kind of grass do you cut? What kind of opperation do you run?
  4. scannon

    scannon LawnSite Member
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