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Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by 1grnlwn, Sep 18, 2001.

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    Is anybody using ztr or tractor operated spray rigs? I would like to build one this winter. I want to spray for broadleaves and spread slow release off of front. What liquid rate are you using ie.(1/2 gal/1000, 1/4 gal/1000)? Are you using row marking? What nozzels would be best for non drift. Signed: Employeeless in Seattle
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    I have an Exmark Lazer HP that I built a spray unit for. The tank
    and pump are mounted above the engine using the UltraVac
    hitch. The boom is up front along with the spreader. I use two
    flood jet nozzles spaced 40" apart. The sprayer is set up to spray
    1 gal. per 1000.The pump is a 12 volt 3 gallon per minute Shure-
    Flo. The tank is a 35 gallon and I can cover 35,000 square feet per tank full. I bought everything to build it except the metal at a local Farm & Fleet store. I have found that gives me real good weed control at 1 gallon per 1000. I tried lower rates and just didn't get the control I wanted.:) ;) :) ED
  3. I mounted a 25gal tank form Lesco on the front of a Lazer. Then I have a boom in back I made from flat stock. I use Blue Flood jets. It has 3 nozzels. It spays about 12'. I use blue turf marking spray.
    I also use Momentum from Lesco. I don't know the exact per a 1000 off hand. I tried the boom in front and found that it was hard to turn so I put it in back. I spent about $350 on the whole rig. I got the rest of the part from a hardware store. I have to mix the broad leaf at a higher rate to get a good kill. I'm using it at 1.5 oz per a gal of water in my 200gal. tank.
    Maby I can put it on so I can take a pick for you. Well see.

  4. 1grnlwn

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    Sounds great, I can,t wait til snow flies so I can grab my Hobart and build.
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    Here's link to pics of my ToroZ rig. 15 gallon front mounted tank with 80 inch boom in back and 30 ft spray wand . Also 12v Earthway spreader mounts on front. Have 48 inch tow behind aerator for larger properties. http://community.webshots.com/user/tpirobert
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    Looks great! Also looks like you have been busy. A few questions.
    1. Do you have any Batt. problems with the extra load?
    2. How long did it take to get good at using it?
    3. Are you able to get in tight areas?
    4. Row marking?
    last one. How do you like working out of closed in trailer? I can't imagine getting everything tucked inside my siderails.:cool:
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    Yes, I have been very busy. My trailer is probably overloaded when I leave in the morning.

    Answers to your questions:
    1. No battery problems. Only run spreader or sprayer when engine is running.

    2. The learning curve took less time than I thought. Did one large factory and had it down.

    3. I can get in fairly tight areas, but have walk behind spreader for those areas and spray wand will get to those as well.

    4. I have'nt used any row marking and have not had any streaking problems. I do all fert apps granular.

    Finally, I love working out of my enclosed trailer. In setting it up I tried to allow for open floor space to manuever mowers and put as much stuff on walls. It still needs work. Best of luck with your projects.

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