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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by rblantonjr, Sep 21, 2007.

  1. rblantonjr

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    I am looking at getting a spreader to attach to my ZTR. I have seen the JRCO model which seems to be very nice but a bit high. Does anyone have any suggestions? I have several large properties and pushing a regular spreader is tough. Thanks in advance.:confused:
  2. Supper Grassy

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    You can get a tow begind spreader at a lot of places. you can go to home dept or lowes and pick on up that hooks toa tractor and just modify the mount to hook up to the ZTR or you could create one.

  3. Leaf Jockey

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    I ran the JRCO unit for a few years till the electric motor rusted tight. It was an ok unit. We are now on our second year with a Spyker. I don't remember how it was initially set up but I modified it so I could open the gate with my foot. I spread 80 bags with it today. The next mod will be to raise the hopper height a few inches. Two bags of fert is level with the top. Hit a bump and you have a spill.
    Don't ask me prices cuz I don't know.

  4. mps

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    We run the JRCO brand it is a little spendy but worth it when doing large properties this spreader you can calibrate for just about any speed and width pattern needed with in reason. lesco makes a spreader cheaper i believe around 300.00 dollars.you will have to fabricate your own brackets and your limited to 2-3 mph and also spread pattern.I am looking for new ideas also i don't like tying up my ztrs for spreading fertilizer. good luck
  5. Lawn-Scapes

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    I have a JRCO that I don't use anymore. I was going list it for sale along with a bunch of other stuff at the end of the season. The mounting bracket is welded to my DC but could probably have it cut off.

    If you're interested pm me..
  6. topsites

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    Don't the pebbles hit the machine as it spreads?

    Because once a spreader gets going that stuff is like a sandblaster, not to mention fertilizer seems to enjoy eating paint and steel.

    I couldn't tell you if it does, but just the fear of that is the reason I still use my walk-behind manual spreader, it's in bad shape after 6 years but that stuff corrodes everything, not much doing but then that's what spreaders are made for.

    Something I'd be for checking into first, I would want to make sure the chemical pebbles never touch my Z if I were doing it.
  7. puppypaws

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    This is what I use in the 250 lb tow behind...

  8. cantoo

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    My wife usually does the fert spreading on the big properties. Our old Steiner, 4x4 with soft tires on it will go almost anywhere. We use a small wbh for small lawns, I don't even know what kind it is. She did a skid today by herself.

  9. Leaf Jockey

    Leaf Jockey LawnSite Senior Member
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    Theres a backsplash plate or curtain so the machine doesn't get blasted...but the machine will get full of fert. Its a trade-off between high volume spreading and more equipment maintenance.


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