ZTR steering loose on one side

Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by andygold, Jun 14, 2007.

  1. andygold

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    Did a search but did not find anything.....

    I have a Ariens 1740 ZTR with just over 50 hours on it. I purchased it for home use shortly before the end of the 2005 mowing season.

    It's worked almost flawlessly up until today. While mowing today all of a sudden the right steering lever lost it's normal friction feeling (don't know any other way to put it). Normally the levers feel like they are attached to a shock absorber which slows them down (I have not used any other ZTR, so i don't know how they typically feel). Today while mowing, the right lever lost all of that friction feel, and this makes it harder to control with the lever being extremely free moving. The unit still steers properly, although it's somewhat jerky due to the right stick being toooo easy to move.

    I compared the parts on both sides of the machine and it appears that everything is there, and I didn't lose any springs or anything.

    Does anyone know what might be causing this? Is one of the pumps on the way out?

    Also, on the left side, every once in a while, when I give it some input, (only in reverse), the steering lags for a second or two, and then responds. This only happens maybe every two or three times I mow my 3/4 acre lawn.

    Any thoughts on this?
  2. Restrorob

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    Can you post the full model and serial number off this unit so we can get on the same page ?
  3. mini14

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    u need a new steering dampener
  4. themowerman

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    Check your linkage clamp on you hydro pump shaft....it might be loose...otherwise...like restorob said, give us numbers.
  5. andygold

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    Finally got under the machine and found the problem. Unit does have dampeners on both sticks that can only be seen from below the machine. turns out the bracket that sticks down from the right lever snapped off, and left the dampener hanging. I think I still have some time left on my warranty, so I've got to find someone to truck it back to the out of state dealer.

    The bracket is substantial in size, about 2 inches from front to back. It broke cleanly at it's narrowest point, which is near the stick, and is only about ½ inch wide at that location.

    Thanks to all who replied!!!!!
  6. slclawn

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    My dealer tells me that if you don't have those shocks on there you can spike the wheel motor and cause failure.

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