ztr stuck in swale

Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by denlea, Jul 16, 2006.

  1. denlea

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    I've been viewing this forum for awhile and it's really great to see all
    the helpful advice out there. I think some of you should be writing comedy!!

    Here's my question. I saw this poor guy scratching his head while looking
    at his ztr stuck in this swale. Looking at the lawn I could see he had a scary moment. Do you Florida guys have any tips on mowing on those hills? I don't
    want that to be me someday.
  2. Liquidfast

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  3. BSDeality

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    I mounted a 2" reciever tube on the front and back of my Z. I had a 2K lb atv winch which I welded to a piece of 2" tube steel. I can hook it in the front or the rear this way depending on which direction I need to pull out from.

    I also added a 2" tube on the front of the trailer so I could winch stuff onto the trailer if necessary too.
  4. taproot

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    You have hills there?
  5. PLM-1

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    There are TONS of places I can't take my mid-deck mower. My front-deck goes EVERYWHERE. I would get my mid-deck stuck in the weirdest most normal looking areas ever!

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