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ZTR suggestions?


LawnSite Member
looking to purchase a ztr that will be used for commercial use for 2 yrs and then will be retired to mowing my personal property once i finish my engineering degree. any suggestions on brand/ model for this situation? i have looked at everride, bad boy, & kubota. any help would be appreciated.



LawnSite Bronze Member
South Central AR
Of the 3 mentioned, I would get the EverRide Warrior if you have a dealer close enough to suit you. All three brands should serve you well enough in the 2 year time period you mentioned and if you are then going to keep it for your personal use.

Demo them and see which you like the best and get a satisfactory deal on.


LawnSite Senior Member
Branson Missouri
Take a Look at the new Husqvarna PZ. But they are all good just depends what you want and what your cutting. But husqvarna has not let me down.


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Another vote for Toro
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