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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by lsylvain, Sep 18, 2006.


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    I use a 60 on small lots with no problem and alot of them are not level.
  2. clydesdale

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    For guys that have lawns that are 1/2 acre or so, I cant see the Z. I bought a used exmark tt 60 inch and it is perfect for various terrains. The only problem would be gates. But I dont have any so it is a non issue. That being said it broke down last week and I had to use my 52 scag wb and on one particular ***** of a lawn with a nasty hill and various rocks that you have to avoid, it was faster than my TT 60. The whole reason for that was manueverablilty. You couldnt even come near this thing with a ZTR. I bought the TT for 2600 bucks with 1000 hours on it. On my 3/4 and 1 acre lawns I just hook up the velke and go flying. I cant see a ZTR going faster because I wouldnt drive it any faster. I am going as fast as I think is safe. I wish I could justify the ZTR, but on my varying terrain smaller lawns, the WB is the ticket.
  3. lsylvain

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    No offense realslow but what you call a hill in FL they call level ground in WV and Va. You are also coming from a totally different view on the subject. We have 4 months of weather down here in FL where it is almost unbearable just to sit in the shade let alone walk. Up there you are talking maybe only a few weeks of the year where it reaches 90. Heck bluefield, WV's nickname is "natures air conditioned city" I think the record is actaully reaching 90 degrees 4 days in a single year. They might have 2-3 weeks where it actually gets into the 80's. So yes, there is no doubt that in FL the ZTR is going to outperform the W/B simply based on opperator fetigue and the realative ease of Fl lawns. FL doesn't have a mud season, or rocks everywhere, etc.

    REALSLOW LawnSite Senior Member
    from FLORIDA
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    And your point is? I owned a business in St.pete, FL for over 15 years. And again, your point is?
  5. MarcSmith

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    if your riding a velke, operator fatuige should not be an issue, if it is an issue, then the numbers are all wrong...

    Florida has year round(almost) mowing, sandy soils, rain every day,almost, in the summer, lots of drainage ditches and retention ponds. Its own pitfalls. You do get used to the heat. Id rather have florida summers than VA winters...

    If your trying to reguarly mow a 30* bank with a ZTR inthe clay soil of WVA or VA, or run over a 5 lb boulder...well it aint gonna work.
  6. lsylvain

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    I sucked it up and bought a used 48" Z this year. It threw a belt Saturday morning so I finished the day out with my 36" walk behind. Guess what? It took me the same amount of time to finish all my jobs after taking away the hour and a half of trying to get the Z back on the trailer with no drive belt. Some jobs took longer and some took less, but comebined it came out to be about the same.

    Things I really thought to be saving me time were, loading and unloading simmed to be faster. Much faster in the turns than the z because the Z starts to tear everything up where the walkbehind can spin around full tilt without a care. Being able to just jump the curb instead of driving down to the driveway to get on the grass.

    I bet if i had a velki I would have finish faster. Although the velki getting in the way might be just enough to take the avantage away.
  7. Frue

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    I own a 60 inch z I cut postage, stamps acres, and everything in between. IMO its not even close I have been in since 97 and started with walkbehinds my first z crushed the walk behinds times. You also have to take in consideration fatigue of the walkbehinds also.

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