ztr tire spinning issue on a sloped account

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by zackvbra, Dec 9, 2012.

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    Three things you can do. Upgrade tires to more aggressive tread, add weight kit to rear end, or add water and antifreeze to the rear tires for an extreme improvement (we use that trick on tractors works same way..). Enjoy your new hill machine! Trust me we actually take care of alot of issues like this. There are many other fixes than trading in...
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    I'd avoid wider tires. All they'll do is reduce traction. Turf Saver type tires aren't meant to get great traction. They're designed with a lot of give on the turf. That way when you're making turns it doesn't tear up the lawn. With a wider tire you'll be spread the weight out over a larger area and that will reduce downward pressure.

    What you can do to increase traction is more weight in the rear. Try filling the tires with fluid.
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    I also have one on a hill that causes me more traction problems than it should. The soil is also very black, and not clay colored. But I think it holds moisture too well, probably because of the apparently high organic content. And I imagine that the grass roots are not very deep because the water sits up high in the soil profile. That combination means that my tires break thru the shallow rooted turf easier, and start spinning in the greasy wet black soil. Next year I'll just do the darn thing with a walk behind, I guess.
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    My Walker mower is the only mower that I have used that has compleat control on steep areas. If you can't drive up the steep area, you can always back up it, as long as you can stay in the seat. It has never slid out on me and I have always been able to stop with out it sliding.
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    Saying you know about lowering tire pressure is not the same as I cut my pressure in half then tried it, and this is what happened.......

    I have found that cutting throttle from full to half drops engine power enough so that the wheels will not spin on a hill.

    Life experience has shown me that air pressure and engine speed should help you. If not then you need a piece of equipment that can handle that hill.
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    Doesn't matter, tell me...
    Your ROPS in place like it's supposed to be?
    Because if the ROPS ain't in place you're better off sliding, with these tires if it's too steep your ztr will flip.
    It will trap you underneath, crush and kill you.


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    I know a guy who would loan me goats if needed :laughing:

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