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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Mac B., Oct 7, 2006.

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    I would have done the same thing with mine if I had a need to. If there is anything in the Exmark owner's manual that says you shouldn't tow with it, I'd appreciate someone pointing it out to me. I've read through both the "Operation" and "Warranty" sections of my manual and did not see anything saying not to tow with it. As a matter of fact, my dealer installed a tow bar on my Exmark free of charge as an incentive to buy it, and he didn't tell me about any tow-load limitations. I didn't bother to ask, but it looked like the tow bar was specifically manufactured for the ZTR. Another point I'd like to make is that I later bought a Cyclone Rake which, of course, has to be towed. When that thing is filled with wet ground up leaves, I have an idea it weighs almost as much as my trailer would with fire wood in it. That I have towed with the Exmark quite a few times, and it didn't seem to have any problem lugging it around my yard and down to the curb where I dump them. Are the naysayers suggesting that I'll damage my ZTR's pumps by towing the Cyclone Rake? Sounds a little far-fetched to me.
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    I have a JD F687 Ztrack with a 23hp engine. I have pulled a 500 lb roller behind it and also a swisher de-thatching rake. Works just fine. Just take it easy with heaver loads. Just remember when u turn with the ztr the outside wheel will spin very easy with a load on it.
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    Contacted Scag about my 27Hp Wildcat. They stated towing was limited to 250 lbs.
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    Towing with a zero turn is not a big deal. The hydro system is much better than you think. Look at the snow plows that are made for zero turns. A snow plow will work a zero turn much worse than pulling a trailer. The other way to look at it is if you were mowing on a hill side the hydro system wouldn't hold up either if they were that weak. The manufacturers just give low tow loads so they don't have to worry about possible warranty claims that were caused by abuse.
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    I've towed a loaded roller (almost 1000 lbs loaded, on level ground) trac-vac, and pulled other mowers.....no problem, with a 5 year old ztr. Also pushed another ztr onto the trailer and this machine is smaller than the one it was pushing. More power than you think as long as the traction is there.....if it balks at what I want to do with it I don't do it.
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    This is one of Exmark's replies.

    'Thanks for the post. We do offer a hitch for the Lazer HP as well. The part number is 1-651234 and lists for around $35.

    You can pull a small cart w/o too much weight in it. We only rate the hitch at 80 lbs. of draw weight. The hitch will handle much more but we don't want to over work the drive train. Draw weight is the amount of force it takes to actually mover the object being towed.

    Just remember the Lazer is really a high performance mowing machine and not a tractor. It's sorta like using a Corvette to pull your boat instead of your truck. Each has its purpose.



    Wow! Talk about taking a CYA position!!!!!!! I don't know who Terry at Exmark is, but I certainly can't have any respect for his technical expertise after reading the above ridiculous comments.

    Also, I wasn't aware that anyone had been using ZTRs for snow plowing as Mowingmachine indicated. Has anyone ever heard of a ZTR hydraulic system failing from that treatement? If not, as the man indicated, towing with a ZTR is not really a problem.
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    when ever the need arises, no problems.

    hustler towing 002 (Medium).jpg

    hustler towing 003 (Medium).jpg
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    Check out the Dixie Chopper Flatlanders, 2000lb towing cappacity, I haven't used mine for towing but it is a great machine.

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