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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Mac B., Oct 7, 2006.

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    Hey Captken,

    Didn't you post those pictures a year or two back? If I remember right didn't Hustler see them and say that it was alright to pull loads with a zero turn.
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    We tie our large leave tarps to the back of the z and tow.Wet leaves get heavy quick.
  3. steve45

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    I think the low towing weights must refer to the tongue weight.

    Although I wouldn't recommend towing heavy stuff all the time, I don't think occasional towing would hurt. I tow my boats around the yard with my Scag and it acts like there's nothing there.
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    And I presume you've done that countless times with no ill effect on the ZTR! Right?

    Another way of doing it is with JRCO's leaf plow. A picture is attached, and what kind of a vehicle do they show doing it? A ZTR, of course. I watched a guy using one last year, and he must have had a pile of wet leaves about 15 feet long in front of the plow that was hooked up to an Exmark ZTR. He didn't seem to be having any problems, and since he was an LCO, I presumed he had been doing it all through the leaf season. I can't understand the opinion that hydraulic pumps are fragile items that can be easily overloaded and therefore damaged. My log splitter is a relatively small one, but it's pump puts out a 25-ton load. And of course there are many other machines that use hydraulic pumps such as back hoes and front end loaders which I suspect go way above the load capacity of my puny little log splitter. I'm not suggesting that a ZTR can tow 25 tons, but this idea that the maximum towing capacity is something like 80 pounds is absurd.

    JRCO leaf plow.jpeg
  5. prizeprop

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  6. Envy Lawn Service

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    What Ken has pictured I'm sure is not recommended.
    He also has a lot more of a hydro system than most ZTR's do.
    So does some of the Dixie Chopper models.

    Also, use your head a little guys...
    To begin with, these are take on flat ground.
    The load is also rolling.
    And this is brush.

    Furthermore, these are "still" photos.
    I mean, let's get REAL here...
    How much tongue weight do you reckon a 1,000 lb ZTR can take?
    No I mean before it pushes the ball to the ground and pops the front tires off the ground.
    Also, how much weight do you think a 1,000 ZTR could really move, even if the drive was strong enough and indestructable?
  7. Richard Martin

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    Terry was the point man for Exmark for many years. He wasn't afraid to walk down the hall and ask another engineer if he didn't know the answer to a question. He's not making the 80 pound rating up, that is Exmark's official rating.

    He didn't say the capacity was 80 pounds, he said the maximum draw is 80 pounds. That means you could pull a 25 ton load with the mower as long as you only needed to use an 80 pound force to move it.
  8. Richard Martin

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    Flatlanders and Silver Eagles have a 1000 lb towing capacity. Everything else Dixie makes has a 2000 lb capacity. The Flatlander is intended for all-out mowing on flat land and nothing else. It's hydro system is not "tuned" for going up hills or towing.
  9. Mow"N"Bud

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    ZTR's cost a ton of money, and when you rely on them to earn your income you don't want them to be down from towing, pulling trees or otherwise putting wear and tear on them they were not built for. Find yourself a used compact tractor or one of those old used super garden tractor. You'll save yourself some serious headache, and cost to your wallet in the long run.
  10. Envy Lawn Service

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    ...said the wise man...

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