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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by GTLC, Dec 14, 2003.

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    I have a Toro Timecutter ZX 44" 16.5 briggs. Just about every turn I make with it seems to tear up some turf and I have poor control going down hills. I have seen some weight kits for the rear tires that go on some mowers but I am not looking for anything that really goes on the wheel itself. Anybody know of anybody who makes this kind of product?
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    Hi n1alx,

    Here is a pic from Dixon, maybe it will help you investigate this further. Click image for link.


    "Tire chains and wheel weights are also available for added traction and snow pushing power."
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    If I were you, the first thing I would do is ask your dealer. If that gets you nowhere, contact Toro and ask them about it. However, I seriously doubt anything will be available, other than some wheel weights as pictured above. Still I doubt that.

    The problem is probably a combo of a few things. The weight, tread design on the drive tires and castor tires with short height. What I mean about the tires is.... If you'll watch, a lot of times when the weight is shifted to the front and you are trying to turn OR when you are turning the tires into a rough spot OR you are turning from a flat area into a slope...short front tires act like a wedge, causing you to spin. But lots of times it goes un-noticed unless you are really paying attention.

    Anyways, the main thing you need to find out from Toro is how much the drive system is rated for. If it's OK you might want to try filling the tires with fluid for more weight right where it's needed and more traction.
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    I dont think your problem is weight only and by adding weights to your wheels or to the mower is not going to solve your problem. It could be a number of things.

    Here's a few things I can think of right now:
    1) Condition of tires - how much tire thread is left on those rear tires? They might look like they're still in good shape but those knobbies are'nt long enough anymore to "bite" into the turf for a good grip. I am expierencing the same problems and I might have to replace, what look like a good set of tires, to a new set.

    2) I've seen a picture of the Timecutter and the size of those rear tires are real small compared to what you will find on the bigger Z's. I would like to think that when you are mowing on inclines or up- and downhill slopes, you will want the bigger diameter tires like a 24/12/12 or something similar. They roll a lot slower and holds traction a lot better than those small diameter tires/wheels.

    3) When you turn and you tear up the turf it is not always the tires to blame. It can also be an operator error. When you turn, do it slowly and concentrate on having both wheels turn in opposite directions at the same time. Both wheels have to roll at all times. Do not try and make a zero turn - try and make a Y turn instead. It's almost like making a 3-point turn around. This works better for me too.

    Anyhow I might be wrong and the technical orientated guys here can help me out more on my comments.
    Good Luck
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    If you can, Put on those weights that body builders use to see if that makes a difference, Mount them on the back like on a lazer HP. Also when you stop to turn let the INSIDE tire roll a little bit first, That should cure that.
    Merry Christmas

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