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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by Tommy Boy, Jun 10, 2006.

  1. Tommy Boy

    Tommy Boy LawnSite Member
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    Ok lawn Gods! I have a Hustler Super Z ZTR (54 inch deck), I am thinking about adding a walk-behind hydro (48” deck). What are the advantages / disadvantages of having a walk behind versus a ZTR? Should I add this to my lawn inventory or just get a good 21” for islands and trim?

    Thanks for your help and input!

    Tommy Boy
  2. eyes&earsopen

    eyes&earsopen LawnSite Member
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    Are you addicted to equipment or money? I mean do you really need that 48" when you are running a 54". Maybe I'm missing something but it seems like you are more interesting in looking good, or your trailer looking like so and so. It also sounds like you know what you really need to do - you jumped from a 48" to a 21" specifically for islands. This equipment stuff is as addictive as tattoos.
  3. CutInEdge Lawn Care

    CutInEdge Lawn Care LawnSite Senior Member
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    Do you have islands or the need for a trim mower? Do you have an employee that will be using the second piece of equipment for it to pay? Are you solo and just want an extra paper weight in trailer to look at and burn more fuel. Do you have ditches and such that the 54" is just not doing a great job and the 48" would fit better in those conditions. Lastly, what is your business model telling you. Good Luck!!

    BTW: you might want to upgrade from the BIG A#$ watercooler to a BIGGER A#@ watercooler:weightlifter:
  4. cwlawley

    cwlawley LawnSite Senior Member
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    I loved having both. It made things a lot easier on me. Try to get two really different machines though...let's say a 36" WB and keep the 52" ZTR. Now you can do more.
  5. 4curbappeal

    4curbappeal LawnSite Senior Member
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    I agree 100%! A 36" WB will get you in all gates + islands. There is only a minimal difference between a 48" WB and what you have now. If you decide to go with another mower, then get one that is versatile!
  6. rfed32

    rfed32 LawnSite Senior Member
    from Hatboro
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    i would get a 32 or a 36 you dont need a 48...
  7. eyes&earsopen

    eyes&earsopen LawnSite Member
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    A 36" is a good size mower to have, but you do run into a lot of lawns in older neighborhoods that a 36" doesn't get in the gate. I don't have any info on any 32" units but that might be the best one to start. It has become quite regular to go do an estimate and the back yard has a 32" gate. It would nice to walk away from these lawns but just starting out you can't be as selective.
  8. Tommy Boy

    Tommy Boy LawnSite Member
    Messages: 220

    I will go out and get a Hydro 36" next week. Makes sense and your input was excellent. I don't have a single residence, so far all my work has been commercial, I have had a beast getting the big Hustler in some of the tight spots and on a couple of hills / ditches. Thanks again and Stay safe!
  9. JJLandscapes

    JJLandscapes LawnSite Senior Member
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    You have no idea wat size properties he does a 36" will probably not fit into 80-90 of my accounts only 32" will

    To the original poster only you can sit down and figure out if its worth it... If you are getting by without using it now ... Are you going to add on more accounts with a few thousand dollar investmentr? are you trying to get home faster everyday to do other jobs?

    Too many lco's waste money on un necessary stuff if a 21" can do the job of a 48" like you are saying then i dont think there is any need for a 48
  10. cwlawley

    cwlawley LawnSite Senior Member
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    ^Why are you so mad. We were only saying not to waste money on a 48" when he has a 54" already. Only he know what he has. I do about 45 lawns and about 15 have gates. A 36" will fit in everyone of them. I make sure to check it just in case, but if the 36" didn't fit I wouldn't take the house, unless I was making enough to cover putting the 21" Honda in the trailer.

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