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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by dmk395, Feb 4, 2001.

  1. dmk395

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    Not too long ago I saw a guy whizzing around on a 48ztr. Can they really mow that much faster than a regular 48 walkbehind, i mean it looked like he was really moving quick, in fact i would have had to jog just to keep up with him.
  2. 65hoss

    65hoss LawnSite Fanatic
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    Yep. They are faster.
  3. TJLC

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    How can you get a quality cut going that fast. I guess if quantity is the most important thing to you. A lot of guys I see around here are worried about one thing and one thing only:how many lawns can I do, not how well can I do them. When I mow I take whatever time it takes to do a quality job. I think a lot of people get themselves so overloaded that there is barely enough time in the day for them. I'm in this profession to make money but not to kill myself doing it. What really burns me is when I see someone mowing over garbage. I could go on but I won't. This is a sore subject for me, had to vent. Thanks. As far as w/b vs ztr, I only own w/b's. I like them because you can go almost anywhere with them and you really get your exercise. I have a velke but rarely use it. I truly hope I didn't ruffle any feathers here. If I did, I'm sorry.
  4. 65hoss

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    With Z's you can go faster and still get the great cut. Your not going to run over the avg. lawn at 10 mph but you will be going faster than a wb most of the time. I ran wb's until recently, and I didn't think a Z could make that much of a difference, but I was wrong. I also didn't sacrifice quality.
  5. Island Lawn

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    This is my thinking!
    I'm considering buying a 36" wb now, build my business, and then get a Z.
    48 or 52 or 61 ..... a decision for later.
    Not so much for the speed, but to sit!

    Oh yea, and then there is the speed issue.
    I second 65hoss!
  6. Premo Services

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    I agree 65hoss you don`t compromise quality and you get to set on machine, and the heat is behind you on a Z. I used WB`s for 5 years and the heat in the summer comming off the engine and the bouncing would wear me out real quick. With the lazer I am able to do more work,making each day more profitable.

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