ZTR weight and turf damage

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Joel B., Nov 20, 2002.

  1. Joel B.

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    Does a ZTR cause more turf damage due to the extra weight compared to a WB? I know a lot depends on type of grass, how wet it is, operator, etc... but are there any general rules of thumb out there?


    Joel B.
  2. KLMlawn

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    In the hands of an inexperienced operator, it could look as if someone went 4 wheeling over the lawn.
    Seriously, even experienced LCO's have an occasional turn mark here and there ... the key is to remember that when you are turning on the lawn, both wheels have to be in motion ... if you are making a right turn, you would go heavy on the left and bring the rifht back to a crawl, but not a full stop, or in some instances, you may need to reverse the right and keep the left in forward while turning. Also, no sudden stop or starts, you can spin the tires or slide. As to weight, yes, ZTM's are heavier than w/b's so that is just another reason to alternate mowing pattern to avoid "rutting" the lawn.

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