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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by dbear, Apr 29, 2006.

  1. dbear

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    A few weight related questions:

    1. With regard to ZTR weight, is more necessarily better?
    2. I realize weight can be an indication of how heavy the materials used in its construction were, and can also contribute favorably to traction. But for mowing almost entirely flat lots (the only slopes are maybe 8-10’ wide by 20-30’ long at, I’m guessing, 10-15 degree of slope, is say a 1200# unit any better than a 900# one (keeping engine make, hp, tire size, deck size and similar construction, and even brand if you want the same)?
    3. Is a heavier machine more or less likely to get stuck in unexpected squishy spots near sump pump outlets?

  2. dtrap420

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    I have a scag turf tiger which is a pretty heavy machine and I love it on all of my properties compared to a friends Exmark. My Tiger stays on the ground better at faster speeds because of the extra weight I think. Just my 2 cents. I can also take it up just about any hill with no problem. It is a wide stance mower and usually never gets stuck because one tire is usually still out of the soft spot and keeps pulling me through with little damage to the yard.
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    More is better in some cases, but just cuz you got a heavy frame doesn't mean its strong.

    Strategically placed gussets and supports are the main thing to look for on a frame. Plus they save weight by going to bigger tubes but thinner walls.

    For slopes you want a low center of gravity and the more weight lower down towards the ground is the trick.

    A heavier machine will sink faster and deeper then a light one, I always say "the bigger the truck, the bigger the stuck" pretty much the same for mowers.

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