ZTR Who has More users? Homeowner vs Commercial

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What do you Use your ZTR For? And tell us what Brand and Model.

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  1. Homeowner Use

  2. Commercial Use

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    Very Very interesting. I am sorta new to the commercial maintenance industry and so far, I'm running smaller machines. I am looking to upgrade to larger machines soon and I have been looking at everything from standers to mid mount ztrs, homeowner and commercial grade too. I do believe in most every case, a commercial machine is way better, but after looking over the z425 I think it is one of the best consumer grade ztrs available. Being value conciouse and having a small budget(due to starting out) I am strongly considering the z425 as my next large purchase(I am tryin to decide between a Great Dane Super Surfer or Deere Z425)I have considered many others and still am, but these two machines are toward the top of the list.

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