ZTRs - IZT Hydros OK for homeowner or stick to separate pumps/motors?

Discussion in 'Homeowner Assistance Forum' started by JohnSinVA, Jun 17, 2005.

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    I have been shopping around for a ZTR and have found much to choose from. One difference I've seen in tractors at or around the $5K price point is some use IZTs while others use the separate hydro pump/wheel motor setup found on commercial setups. Are the IZT units worth considering at all? I have 3 relatively flat acres that I would mow around 6 times/month. I would also like to use the tractor for towing lightweight things like a spreader. Ideally it could take a blade for snow removal as well (typically 4-6" snowfalls, sometimes 8" or more, rarely anything bigger).

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    John --

    Not directly on point but you may want to consider posting your question on the Hustler Manufacturer forum. Hustler has the Fastrak lines of ZTRs -- I think a very succesful product line for them -- that I think use IZTs, as well as their larger commercial machines. The guy who runs that forum seems very knowledgeable and honest about the capacities of their various machines, and he doesn't seem to mind responding to questions from residential users.

    One thing I have noticed is that -- unlike, for instance, tractor manufacturers -- most of the ZTR manufacturers, at least on the commercial machines, dont like them to be used to handle many separate implements. I cant tell if its an inherent safety risk or if they are just worried about their commercial customers getting carried away. For what its worth, I traded up from a 38" JD LX178 tractor to a commercial 52" Toro Z-Master 23hp unit (gross overkill for my 1 3/4 acres, but the guys in the neighborhood are sure impressed). It has a trailer hitch for pulling a rental tow behind aerator (that same aerator would cause the hydro on my JD tractor to overheat in about 1/2 an acre, particualrly on hills). Obviously, you need not worry about the problem of "what if" if you get the larger one with the commercial hydros, right? :D

    Good luck with the decision.
  3. JohnSinVA

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    Most of the brochures I've picked up have offered at least some array of tow-behind implements, and some offer snow removal attachments as well. Every dealer I've spoken with as made sure to warn several times about exercising caution when towing with a ZTR since it's quite easy to forget you're towing and pull a quick 180* turn. I like the mowing speed a ZTR offers but listening to the wife talk about all the landscaping projects she forsees doing at the new place has me gravitating back toward a "traditional" garden tractor, or even a subcompact, with as big of deck as I can get. Maybe I should just get one of each? :)
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    If you've got 3 acres I personally wouldn't recomend anything with IZT. It won't hold up near as well as twin pumps and motors.

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