ZTR's on open trailer (sideways)

Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by Snyderserv5060, May 13, 2007.

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    Im in the market for a new, larger open trailer for my business. I have seen a bunch of local guys with open trailers and sides turn their exmark ZTR's sideways. The decks being 60" -vs- the length being quite longer then that could allow me to get 3 ZTR's and at least a walker on there. I just wanted to see who had a setup that they could do this and what the width of their trailer is or was.
    Thanks for any input.
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    Watch your deck width. I can do it with full size toros on a 83" between fenders trailer. A 73" trailer wont work. I have never had the desire to put more than 2 z mowers on a trailer so I'm good. Not many people arond run 'em sideways, walkbehinds yes, not z mowers. Large operation around here hauls 4 z's on a gooseneck. Honestly I think you could go end to end with three on a 18' trailer but I have never tried. My accounts are 1 acre and larger and we run 2 z's max. With a guy trimming, I can usually be done mowing before he's done. Then again I dont know how you run your business, nor am I telling how, just an operation. I got some 10 acre accounts that would take 3 z's but we run two and are done in 2 hrs top mowing. Sorry if this post doesnt make sense, me and Mr. Coors had a meeting today.
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    Thanks. Yea im sure I can get 3 on an 18ft and will have no problem when I buy a 20ft trailer (which is what im planning). The trailer is 20ft x 83" according to the manufacturers specs. I currently have a 16ft x 73" I believe.

    While on most days the 2 Exmark ZTRs & the 48 TT walker. However some days it would prove to be very helpful, especially with my few large 3+ acre lots that the trimmer guys finish well before the mowers. Im sure on those days we could ditch the walker as it wont be needed but some days we do need it. Just figured id see if a 83ish inch trailer (width) could accomodate a sideways turned ZTR.


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