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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by win1free, May 2, 2004.

  1. win1free

    win1free LawnSite Member
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    Do ZTRs really make more money to start out with, or should you start with a good WB?

    I heard it said that the Big ZTRs bring big money, but is it enough to justify the cost of the ZTR? Will you limit yourself so much just by the size of your mower or will it expand your business more since you can take on larger accounts?

    Which is the best mower to start with when looking at "Return on Investment", the ZTR or the WB?


    SCAG POWER LawnSite Senior Member
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    I,just started in the business this past March, when i was fired from a local uniformsales company. I now make sale calls for the benifit my self and my company.

    I started out with a 36 in walk behind, and two good blowers, the mowers is a belt drive it's what i can afford at this time, and it fits through the gates.:alien:
  3. John Gamba

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    I'm playing with some combos, I'm finding with a 60" Lazer, 60" Turf Tracer And a 48" Turf tracer HP that there is not much i CANT do with two mowers going while some one weed Wacs.
    But if i was just starting out I would go good quality walk behind then i'd go rider.

  4. remmey64

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    from York Pa
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    I've been using a 48" JD walk behind for 9 years and love it due to it being versital. This machine cuts slope like no other mower BUT you give up speed. I just started using a Toro ZTR is it is a great mower too. For someone starting out, I would choose the WB but would upgrade to a ZTR in a few years so you have the benefits of both. Good Luck
  5. DJL

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    Look at you targeted area. Is it really hilly with lots of gated back yards? Well then, chances of using a rider are minimized. Although, some will argue that a ZTR is better on hills (wouldn't know only have a 48" hydro WB and I couldn't imagine sitting on something on some of my hills). However, if you have large, open lots the ZTR may be a better way to go because of the time savings (and fatigue) over the day/week.

    Bottom line, I think you need to look at your targeted area/s.
  6. GrassFearsMe

    GrassFearsMe LawnSite Senior Member
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    Get the larger accounts then buy theztr trust me. We found that our 52" ztr coun;dn't be used on a lot of our lawns.
  7. Hawkeye5

    Hawkeye5 LawnSite Senior Member
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    Like John, I have and use both Zs and WBs, but only hydros. They both have their place. I actually started with a Z, but in hindsight I may have been smarter to start with a WB and then add a Z just because the Z costs more. In reality it depends upon the lay of your lawns. Lots of ditches, slopes, tight places and curves? If so, the WB is better. Wide open and mostly flat? The Z will work best. Most of my lawns are an acre or more. I have one smaller one that is 13K sq. ft., and I use the Z, but some of the larger ones require a combination WB/Z approach for maximum efficiency. While a WB is slower than a Z (at least for me), they are still a good overall choice for a first mower. I also think that if you learn to properly operate a WB that you will have a easy time learning to use a Z. Mostly because you can see the wheel rotation while turning a WB.
  8. ztrx

    ztrx LawnSite Member
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    Look at your market and then decide. Most ZTRs wont get you through a back gate. If you have large properties get a ZTR. You will make more money with less effort. If you can afford it get both.

    SCAG POWER LawnSite Senior Member
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    Before i went into business for my self i did a lot of looking around at all types of equipment, for starting this venter, if you read some of my other posts you will see that my first type of gear was a SCAG 36 WB, Belt drive, with various 2 cycle gear & two blowers.

    This past week end i went and got a ZTR, made by John Deere model 727A, with 23hp. Kaw. 54 in deck.

    So this next week will be one of cold calling ,while I'm mowing my accounts , docking on doors that are around my yards, and if any one asks me to come by to talk to them Iam now taking all my equipment with me,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Then close that sale, iam here now lets take care of it today.

    Yep it is different when you are closing a sale for your self.:alien:

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