ztr's vs wb's


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i know it's a question thats been answered before - i'm going into my third season i have about 20 acc't give or take a few? and i want to buy new equipment. i'm not sure where i'm headed if it will be residential and comm, whatever pays the bills. But i realized that what i would end up paying buying 1 ztr 52" cut, i could possibly buy 2 wb's with decent sulkys and have 2 new machines for the approxmitley the same money? am i mistaken in my thinking? please reply - Joe


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All depends on the properties your cutting. Walk behinds are great and my choice because of my area and cheaper to purchase, easier to fix, and easier to teach how to operate. Less turf damage from the guys. If you're cutting large properties then ZT may be your answer. a lot of variables here


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Why in the world was it first on the equipment thread!?!? Lol oops. Maybe he's still deciding. :)
Probably retired by now :)
It's still a valid discussion for deciding between the twoThumbs Up

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