Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by bobbylawn, Feb 1, 2000.

  1. bobbylawn

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    I have found that every since I got my lazer I get a little lazy when it's time to do my trimming & blowing . When I mow the properties first & trim second. Am I the only one with this problem. If not whats the cure.
  2. Retro67

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    If your feet will reach your hind end, kick yourself there. That would be a good motivator. :) Seriously, if you think of the extra energy you have from sitting, you should be able to motivate yourself. Trimming can be a hot, nasty job sometimes, but remember all the benefits. I move so fast with my trimmer, I wouldn't be surprised if I get mental health called to see that I'm ok some days. Also, if your truch has air conditioning, you'd be in a bigger hurry if you thought about being able to cool off between parts of your route.<p>John
  3. Keith

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    Use a belt drive walkbehind without a sulky or velke all day, and see how much trimming you feel like doin :)<br>
  4. bdemir

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    Get up and move it son. you got to take charge and go and do it. I like to play a little game. See how good and vfast you can go by putting forth the most effort possible. Squeeze your lower abdomin and run with it dont let anyone see your weakness. put all you got and try to keep the energy going while on the mower too. Concentrate. If that doesnt work then switch over to a belt drive walkbehind every other lawn. Then you will build the endurance you are looking for. Bottom line if you sit all day then youl get lasier but if you walk all day then you will pick up speed.
  5. Charles

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    I think what is happening to you is that your ztr is cutting down on your mowing time so much that you have not had enough time to rest in between the trimming part and the mowing part. From the last job to the next job. You mow then trim. Next job mow. Then you think &quot;oh man it already time to trim again&quot; Because I mowed so fast. Its a mental thing that takes time to adjust to.

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