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Hate to beat a old question right into the ground. I know it's been discussed at length previously. And I know it comes down to personal preferences. Also the obvious answer lies in demo'ing the machines. But here is my question. Which mower to buy?<br> Assuming all three machines(exmark, walker, gravely) are equipped with same width deck (52&quot;), roughly same horsepower(20-22), mulching decks, no bagging decks. What would you the lawncare professional with experience recommend? Price will not be an issue. I'm getting into this for the long haul and want the best. <br> The three manufacturers I listed above are all carried by dealers locally. And I feel that it is important to have a good dealer nearby. That leaves out Great Dane's and Dixie Choppers which I would be interested in also.<br> The market I'm trying to break into is higher end residential with lawn's up to 4 acres. I'll leave my other questions for another discussion(could probably fill three more pages with my ignorant questions, and hehe I probably will).<br> From what I've read here the Exmark and the Walker both are highly regarded. The Gravely I haven't heard much about, although the local dealer is pushing them fairly hard. My purchase will be in the next couple of months, so I will not have time to demo. Kind of hate to buy something without trying it out. But I plan to be ready for full operation as soon as grass is ready. One other machine to thow in the mix. The Exmark dealer has a Toro Zmaster 52&quot; demo he's pushing.<br> Sorry for the rambling but if anybody has any suggestions I'd love to hear them. Thank you.


If you are going after 4 acre yards you might want to consider a 60&quot; deck for starters. The extra 8&quot; may not seem like much but everything helps. Walkers only have a travel speed of 5 or 6 m.p.h. If you aren't going with a Dixie (I would drive the extra miles to )then I would say Exmark for sure, I think the Toro has a thinner deck even though it is about the same as an Exmark. The Scag Turf Tiger has a 10 mph ground speed also. <p>Good Luck & Happy New Year

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Jason, I agree with Bamaturfguy. I would drive as far as I had to, to get to a Dixie Chopper Dealer. I have 2 of them and in 6 years, I have had to haul 1 back for minor engine repair. I have other dealers locally, but drive 20 miles to our dealer. He also sells Exmark, but uses Dixie Choppers for his own lawn mowing service and has for 18 years. He still uses some of the old green Choppers that have over 15,000 hours on them. They are built to last. Happy New Year everyone.<p>----------<br>Eric@ELM<br>http://pages.prodigy.net/eric.erickson/index.html


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I would say all the mowers have the same basic parts and require the same maintenance, yes maintenance, thus demo what you have available and find out which one you like the best. That's the one you buy, period. After that it is up to you to change the oil, blades and grease daily.....I run Kees 52&quot; and 60&quot; with 25 horse Kohlers. I like the extra hp for many reasons, thick grass, less stress on motor for two. They happen to be twins to the exmark and were about $1500 less.<br>Hope I was some help.<br><p>----------<br>Eric &quot;Igg&quot; Streeter<br>


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I would get 2 types of mowers. I own a exmark laser for the level yards. A kubota belly mower for the yards that have steeper slopes. I have had trouble with the laser locking down and sliding on the slightest of inclines. So it makes it more time consuming to go side to side. But the laser more than makes up for its faults. Also a Kubota 3 cylinder deisel will mulch up leaves better and bag more and pull attachements. Whatever brand name you get I recommend a front mount and a belly mower with a 3 point hitch for attachments.<br>Charles


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I would look at the simplicty stallion it has a 61" deck with a 27hp kohler, it has 4 wheel independant suspension wich has one of the smoothest rides in the market next to the ferris of course i love this mower its built strong and with the price of 8,299.99 who can argue great value for what your getting try this link for more info http://www.simplicitymfg.com/p_stallion.html#

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