Zwack Sanders?

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  1. snow

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    Today i went on another photo excursion into mass/ny. i went by Zwack Inc (out of stephentown,ny)and i talked to the president and he showed me their manufacturing facilities. he said they make around 80 units a year. He was a very interesting and nice man. Just wondering if anyone has ever used them? He told me Tr-county contractors supply sells them. they're never mentioned here, so i thought i'd ask.

  2. GeoffDiamond

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    Never heard of them. They got a website? You got pics? I would like to see um.

  3. JCurtis

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    Me Too Snow, never heard of Zwack, Do know Of Tri-County, they are in Springfield Mass. They don;t have a website either.

    I do know that Tri- County sells Holder sidewalk tractors.

    Would love to see the pics too Snow.

  4. vince

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    Zwack has been around a while. I know of them because one of our distributors sells them our polyurethane spreader spinners. They make a good working unit and the people I know who have them keep them a while.


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