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I need some help with my 52 Ex mark lazer z i was having trouble starting it so I replaced the battery as well as spark plugs and also put new coil packs on my machine. It will start but after it runs it just shuts down and when I turn my key sometimes I hear a whining noise or nothing at all. I’m not sure what else could be wrong? All of my fuses are good and safety switches are in tact.
Freaky Fido
This guy hasn't been here in over 10 years. Try posting in the mechanics and repair forum.
Got fs85 Stihl up for grabs anyone interested I'll take pics in morn rebuilt card runs looks great let me know your interested I'll give ya starting price if your not serious please I can do without all the hater's. Thank guys.
In SE Texas rain has everything completely saturated and although it's been a week since the rain stopped all the yards are swamp like I'm able to mow half of them but I'm still waiting for the other half to dry out as the grass grows and grows and grows. Getting ready to get busy busy busy for the next 6 months.