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Got fs85 Stihl up for grabs anyone interested I'll take pics in morn rebuilt card runs looks great let me know your interested I'll give ya starting price if your not serious please I can do without all the hater's. Thank guys.
In SE Texas rain has everything completely saturated and although it's been a week since the rain stopped all the yards are swamp like I'm able to mow half of them but I'm still waiting for the other half to dry out as the grass grows and grows and grows. Getting ready to get busy busy busy for the next 6 months.
Greetings all, new member here. I have a Hustler Raptor SD with the HG ZT 2800 motors. Right side just went down after about 350 hours or so. I'm interested in purchasing a better gear to retrofit into my machine. Looking at the 3400, but I have no idea if they are the same dimensions. Is anyone here knowledgeable or know specifically if this has been done before? The 3100 seems closer but not stout enough IMO.
R transaxle for bobcat zero turn.. this part has been discontinued.. I have whole mower available or will just sell the transaxle. 423=292=0577
We have been distributing ICT Organics products for almost 20 years. NPP works very well at the labeled rate. We also have some mychorizea products.
Email me at for more info.
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I sent an email to you about the npp and branch creek productsl. Is Cherry Hill Site one ever going to get back Screamin green? They keep pushing the Lebanon Eco Blend, Expensive at $30 a bag 16 2 3.
Hi....I read the threads on the timemaster blade drive belt and my belts are lasting one season ( about 16 hours ) before they develop a crack at the splice of the belt. I know you`ve been using the GPR belts and ordered some of the gates 6830 belts to try out.Which has been more durable? the GPR or the gates 6830?...Thanks.