Buying former rental equipment: Would you?

Discussion in 'Rental Equipment' started by tlc1994, Sep 3, 2011.


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    We have had good luck buying used rental equipment. A Bobcat 334 mini excavator, plate compactor, ground ponder, and pressure washer. It seems rental places buy high end rugged equipment and maintain it well. At lest the places we have bought from do. We even rent some of our equipment to people we know and trust. I love letting the machine make us money with no labor on our part. We have rented equipment to people for more money then if we would have showed up and done the work ourselves. The ones we do rent to we know personally and they bring it back fueled, greased and washed.
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    I had the same questions a couple weeks ago. I bought a bluebird aerator from the Home Depot rental center. It didn't seem too abused and I won't be using it all the time so it's no big deal. I ended up getting it for $688. I'll let you know if it breaks during Fall aerations, though.
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    I bought a Blue Bird dethatcher from Home Depot last year paid 500 got a ton of extra parts for free. I was in a few days later and they guy behind the desk said here the boss said give this to you and he brought out a copy paper box full of everything except a new motor. They were changing brands over to Classan the unit i bought had been out 15 times in its life and was 2 years old made by Husqvarna. Paid for it in the first day i had it out. the rest is profit. Nothing is wrong and it is very easy on gas. Love it and i am constantly looking for more Home Depot sales. Very happy and wouldnt hesitate to buy from them again in a heart beat
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    Stay away from anything with replacement parts that are extremely costly,( skid steers, dingos, Trenchers, chippers,.... Ect) one of my best clients of 11 years is a manager of sunbelt in Atlanta. He has guided me clear away of anything I wanted to buy over $1500 so far I have 3 aerators a dethatcher and a pole saw. All of which are used for a short period during the rental season and they are required to be replaced every 5 years
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    While the equipment is used by many people, it is also likely maintained about as well as any used piece of equipment you can find. The question becomes mostly about price.
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    I bought my aerator (113 hrs) and power rake from Home Depot, both are Blue Bird.
    Both were well maintained and serviced so no concerns there.
    The rental department also wanted to sell me a bunch of "spare" power rake parts.
    It seems they had a rental unit they took apart so in the box was everything except the motor, including the bar and flail blades. I told them I really did not want it but they said give us a offer. So I said $20.00 and they said YES !!! Holy crap I got a great deal.
    For both machines and parts I paid $2062.00 inc tax. Not bad. They paid for them selves in the first spring.
    I would not hesitate to buy from Home Depot again.
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    How did you find out HD was selling?
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    At my home depot in the rental store they have a clip board with list of equipment for sale or just ask.
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    I purchased a Classen Aerator from a rental company and have used it for about 1 year. I was a little reluctant to buy a rental but so far no problems and I'm glad I did. I got a great price.
  10. Duekster

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    I would say yes depending on the equipment and the price. It likely has been maintained to the letter of the mfg recommendations.

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