ECHO ppt-260 vs ppt-265 Pole Saw differences??

Discussion in 'Tree Service Equipment' started by norman, Jul 23, 2008.

  1. TPS

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    Yes actually he did, but honestly it was over 3 months ago and I can't remember. So apparently it wasn't that big of a deal. Sorry for the lack of help. I'm sure if you ask your dealer he will know the differences.
  2. green monster

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    These Stihl guys who admit they have no knowledge of the product and then go on to say ECHO is cutting corners and pushing Home Depot sales more than their independent dealer sales are full of crap. Where do they get their information?

    Any respectable corporation is going to get sales increases from wherever they can and does not favor one customer over another. You have to increase sales if you are going to increase profits and keep the shareholders happy. If the shareholders are not happy, people lose their jobs.

    ECHO continues to always strive to build a better product, putting tons of money into research and development, that is why all their machines have the highest durability rating you can get from the EPA (category C / 300 hours). Their philosophy is if you build it they will come. Stihl builds an ok product, but they have many products with the lowest durability rating of category C (50 hours), like Husqvarna. Just look at the label on the units. Stihl spends a ton of money on advertising, just like Husqvarna. When is the last time you saw an ad for ECHO? The cost of all those ads is in the price of the product.

    The new PPT-265 is a little shorter (about 7 inches) than the old PPT-260, making it a little easier to fit in the back of trucks and trailers. If you take the bar and chain off the new PPT-265 (which takes a couple minutes), it will fit in the back of a standard sized pickup now.

    Also, the new PPT-265 has the Power Boost Vortex engine, which puts out 10% more power than the old engine on the PPT-260. The shaft has be re-engineered to make them easier to service. As far as the price goes, that is up to the dealer.
  3. justanotherlawnguy

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    just go buy one. I bought a ppt260 like 5 years ago and it is one of the best pieces of echo equipment I ever bought. my only complaint is the chain oil filler hole is not big enough.

    i love stihl chain saws just as much as the next guy and do swear by them.

    they both are expensive, just pick one, and buy it and go make some money with it.....wont take long for it to make you a killing...
  4. NarNar

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    Guys thanks alot, I am picking up the 260 from Home Depot today. Paying $250.00 from their tool rental department. It's used, but I find that HD takes pretty good care of the tools they rent out.

    Once again thanks for the feed back.
  5. LALawnboy

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    What's really sad is when the OP asks for an expert opinion about Echo and you base your comment off of your own personal experience of buying Echo's entry-level models. Going from an Echo SRM-210 to a Stihl FS-90 and using that to base your judgment off of is simply comparing apples to oranges.

    To the OP, online prices are always going to be a little cheaper. I think you'll make a great choice picking up that rental unit. I've been an Echo user for the past eight years and don't see any reason to switch brands.
  6. NarNar

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    Thanks LALawnboy, I have picked it up and just got 2 contracts for tree pruning :usflag: these two jobs, pretty much paid for the pruner, now I can start making money from it.
  7. NarNar

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    Yep the PPT-260 is pretty amazing.
  8. 4 seasons lawn&land

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    I have the 265. I like it. Not much choice out there for real commercial extendable pole saws. Echo and Husky. Thats it for 2 stroke.
  9. NarNar

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    yeah, I picked on up from Home Depot, padie $250.00 for it, its already paid itself off. I wish I had this pole saw awhile ago. It's great isn't it.
  10. ed2hess

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    And how does this dealer get these old model that I thought was taken out of the market 3 years ago? Could this be a bunch of stuff he bought up from other dealers and is trying to dump them?
    By the way the only advantage the 260 has is lighter and if it doesn't have the carb with adjustment needles it isn't worth very much.

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