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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by johnnybravo8802, Mar 22, 2011.

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    Great review, a lot of good info. My question is, speed aside. Is the fully suspended platform of the cheetah a night and day difference in comfort compared to the suspension seat on a tt, or is it just a little smother. On most of my accounts 16 mph is not practical, so the speed is not as important. still have snow on the ground here so a side by side demo is out for a while.
  2. johnnybravo8802

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    The Super Z was a rental. I was actually really impressed with the speed. I felt it was a little more instant with acceleration over the Scag and that makes a difference after 12 hours of mowing. However, the suspension on the Scag would clearly make up the difference. I'm still not clear on the reason for the two speed. Why not just make a machine with torque for the hills and one that's meant to run 16MPH to start with? Do all of this with just one gear range. I guess someone is still at the drawing board on that one.
  3. johnnybravo8802

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    It's a night and day difference. Scag really got it right with the suspension platform and I think it is as good as my Ferris was.
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    I talked with a Scag rep at my dealer a few weeks back when there was a sale going on and they did tell me that the TT is wider stance, yes maybe by like 2" or something and you do sit a bit higher due to the shock under the seat than the TT.
    I still feel like the TT is a great balance of a machine in terms of speed and handling hills. Yes you can get a suspension seat on the TT. I just think the Cheetah is for the people who want a smoother riding machine and the versatility of speed on properties. Maybe one day the 2 speed will make its way into the TT.
    Its all about the market share for a company, if one company does it the others may have to follow, similar to the stand on mowers.
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    my scag is tough as nails and it should be. because every day on the job is hell for my 2 mowers. i do goverment jobs and those ussually involve grass of obseen proportions. we are talking prarie grass 36 to 48 inches tall and THICK. and yet threw all the punishment i have given my babies they still turn over every time. always ready to go another 12 hours non stop, balls to the wall. i will never even think about buying another brand of mower.

    you want cheap buy a toro you want forever buy a scag.
  6. jakethesnake

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    oh yeah and i bag it. you ever seen a half football field sized pile of grass clipping? well i have.. also i charge like 3x what the other guys charge( goverment bid). and i still get picked every year. maybe i'm just good or maybe it's the mower.
  7. johnnybravo8802

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    I like this guy!!!!!!!!!!:drinkup::drinkup:
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    Under your Bio you forgot to list Professional Wreslter maybe it should say Lawn Wrestler, with all that tall grass you mow. :laugh:
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    you want some pictures? if i can figure out how to post them.
  10. Mickhippy

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    Yes, pics please!

    The guys that mow for the city here use Tigers! The stuff they have to cut at times is unreal, not to mention the moron operators.
    But, mowing for the city is different than mowing a well maintained lawn. TTs are big, heavy and not as agile as some other brands. Thats where I was hoping that the Cheetah might be a good compromise. Smaller and lighter, speed of a Super Z and strength of a TT.

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