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Tell it to me straight...Am I a Dope?

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Let's say I have to replace a spray body,I twist it out with the Channelocks,see that it was installed with a nipple.I coat the female threads of the new body with some Rectorseal(just the right amount),then spin it back down.No muss,no fuss.

In an open hole,I use tape.It's the "Use No Dope" thing that bothers me.

Should I watch my back?
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I remember the first time I installed a sprinkler head and read " use no pipe dope" I thought " how did they know it was going to be me installing it"?
You do not need rectorseal. Period.
If you use a Marlex ell, that is true. Period.
You don't need the paste dope period, unless you have a bad case of limp wrists.
Only ROTAR has the wrist problem, the newer dope is made for plastics.
I had to work today, what did I miss? What was the question? Were the usual
suspects involved?
1 - 6 of 40 Posts
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